About us



Organic certification ensures that our products meet the required legal standards.


Good Manufacturing Practices means that our manufacturing practices are in alignment with food safety programs.


Refers to products that are void of animal products, by-products & haven’t been tested on animals.


Good Agricultural Practices can be summed up as audits that ensure microbial risks are minimal.

Team Members

We work very closely with our customers to provide the best product.
Every employee is an expert in his given field.

About us

Founded in 2021 in Croatia, Pharma Herbs derived under the mindset of creating accessible and quality products that speak for themselves. In order to achieve this goal, experts from the given field provide their expertise to help create the end product. The newest technologies and practices are used to create standardized products. All our services and products closely follow existing EU standards.

We are certified by TÜV Nord, Global GAP, and EKO Certificate. We are based in Croatia near the Slovenian border. We started with hemp production last year and this year we decided to start with chamomile as well.

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Our Mission

Create professional products for our customers, in order to build long-lasting business relationships.

We help you create the product you need or enhance your existing product. By working with us, we encourage you to stay in touch with us in order to maintain a lasting business model.

Extraordinary Experience

Even though our business is young, every professional has years of experience in their given field. The combination of experts ensures that you as the customer are given the best product and service.

Pharma Herbs seeks to adopt new technologies and ideas into his business witch help create better products.

Our Core Values

Being in line with our core values ensures Pharma herbs stays ahead of the competition and provides the best product.

Customer-first approach
Be the best at our job
Provide a quality product