Hemp Biomass

Is about

Each generation of hemp plants has been proving itself to be better than the year before. The strains of hemp that are currently available in Croatia are undeniably better than they have ever been.

All hemp strains have been air-dried at low temperatures. High temperatures destroy terpenes, which is why it is crucial to properly dry them. With the right preparation, strains can develop even more complex aromatic profiles, that is why our terpenes stay fresh for a long time.

The equipment we use was designed in compliance with the strictest quality requirements. Our Processing line is separating the fibers from the wooden core as much as possible, also it has a filter for collecting the hemp dust, after the separation, a mixed mass of separated flowers, seeds, and leaves goes out on one outlet and the stem goes out on another.


  • animal food
  • filling and building material
  • insulation
  • heating