Chamomile Basics

Chamomile, as we know it today, is not just an herb, but also has health benefits so we can classify them as ancient medicinal herbs. Chamomile can be classified as a member of the Asteraceae family, which varieties are Chamomilla recutita from Germany and Chamaemelum mobile from Italia. Herbs have been used in traditional and non-traditional forms of medicine dating all the way back at least 5000 years.


Chamomile can be applied in a wide range of

  • tea, beer and ale
  • eye remedy
  • calm anxiety and settle stomachs

Additional benefits

We will discuss some additional benefits of using chamomile since there are many. For some people, it has helped with severe sleep depravity known as insomnia. The beneficial effects are slowly dwindling aways after a couple of weeks. Since ancient times people have been using chamomile as a healing plant by applying it to the wound. By applying it we reduce viruses and bacteria because of this chamomile significantly speeds up the recovery time.

Even though chamomile is considered one of the safest and neutral plants, always consider talking to your health care provider.